Last post from our 160 day trip!!

Last Blog from our trip 04/10/14!!!  Got some rest this morning and did not get up until 11 am.  No touring today as it is our last day here and we wanted no pressure.  We went to the library after breakfast/lunch to get some computer research done with better wifi than the hotel has.  Then went to buy some last minute souvenirs then back to the hotel to do some more computer work. Looking forward to getting back to our Hollybrook home and warm weather plus our family and friends we miss so much too. Tomorrow we will travel to Dublin so no more posts as we are just spending the night near the airport and leaving Saturday morning at 10:45 am. to NY’s JFK airport.  Next we take JetBlue to Ft. Lauderdale arriving at 9:15 pm if all goes well.  Love and Peace, Norma and Woody 


Inis Mor, Aran Isands, Ireland

Blog for 4/9/14-Wednesday
Got up early again to catch the tour bus for the Aran island of inis mor. A forty five minute ride took us to where the ferry boat departs then a forty five minute boat ride to the island. The driver was a native islander and had many stories and information for us. He played the Irish music when he wasn’t talking. There are only 800 people living on the island and they mainly speak Gaelic or Irish. We went all around the island and stopped many places to get out and explore. one place was an ancient fort that was up a very rocky hill. We said we are now experienced rock climbers after that one. At the top when we were in the fort, we could get near the cliff edge but the wind was so strong we did not stay long. There were tiny villages with a few cafés and shops selling the woolen hand knit sweaters and other items. There were a few isolated beaches we explored where the water does not get much over 50 degrees in the heat of summer. The weather was windy, cold and overcast but no rain. The boat ride was rather rough going and coming. We were glad to make it back to the mainland! Once in Galway we went to the town center and looked for some live music pub which we found and had a drink in. Then we headed home for much needed rest. We like Galway a lot!
Peace and Love,
Norma and Woody

Day trip to the Cliffs of Moher from Galway, Ireland

Blog for April 8, 2014 – We took a day trip to see the Cliffs of Moher which are south of Galway on the Atlantic Ocean. The bus left at 10am and returned at 6pm. The cliffs were beautiful and we took many photos. We ate lunch at a tiny town nearby. There were many castles and farms with sheep and cattle all along the way. We also stopped at a Birds of Prey attraction, which was very interesting. They had a lot of species and did a live demo. The weather was windy but sunny and cool so we were very lucky it was not raining. The whole area is very rocky and barren but beautiful. Tomorrow we go to the Aran islands which involves a fast ferry boat trip across the Atlantic. 
Peace and Love,
Norma and Woody

Moving from Cork to Galway, Ireland

Blog for April 6, 2014 from Galway, Ireland – The train from Cork was an adventure. Since there has been flood damage on part of the railway we had to take a bus for one portion of the trip then get back on a train for the final part of the journey. We did get to see some cities we did not plan to see, so that was nice. The place we are staying at is a very nice hotel near the train station. It has a restaurant/bar named Elwood’s, Woody’s real first name. We had dinner there and went on for a walk through the city. The weather was cold, windy and sunny. We were tired from the traveling and went back to the hotel even though nightfall did not happen until around 8 pm. 
Love and Peace
Norma and Woody

Waterford Crystal Plant tour in Waterford, Ireland

Blog for April 3, 2014 from Cork, Ireland – Yesterday we went thru the local Cork area known as Shandon. There are two cathedrals, the butter museum and some interesting side streets here. Today we took a bus to Waterford which is two and a half hours away. So we got up very early and caught the 8:40 am bus. The ride in the morning was very nice going thru very picturesque towns and countryside . It was very foggy so that made it even more beautiful. While in Waterford we took the crystal factory tour and then went to the bishop’s house museum across the street. Afterwards we went through the city streets and stopped at a small cafe to rest and have some coffee. The owner was quite nice and we had a long conversation about our travels and his. We caught the 6 pm bus back to cork and again enjoyed the beautiful scenic route back with mountains, green pastures, sheep, horses, cows, lazy port town inlets and views of the ocean interspersed. Dinner was at a nice restaurant on Oliver Plunkett street. Tomorrow we go to the Dingle peninsula…

Peace and Love,
Norma and Woody

Blarney and Cobh, Ireland

Blog for April 1, 2014 from Cork, Ireland – Sunday and Monday we slept in and got a late start for the hop on/ off bus both days. We went around Cork on the one hour tour without getting off. Hopefully we will get a chance to go back to some of the interesting spots we saw. When we got home yesterday we were looking at our emails and found some sad news. Our neighbor Carmen sent us a message that our pet bird had passed. She has been taking care of him while we are traveling. We were sad that we could not be there and she was quite upset too. We asked Carmen to bury him in our back yard next to our other pet bird who passed last year. We had to go on through our grief as today we had a scheduled tour to the Blarney Castle and the city of Cobh. Both are fairly close to Cork so we were able to see them in a half day tour. The Blarney castle was interesting and the setting is beautiful. In Cobh we went through the Titanic Experience exhibition. Cobh is the last place the Titanic took off from on its maiden voyage to America. We would like to go back to Cobh as it is an interesting town with other things to see. Tonight we went to a play at the Everyman Theater. It is a comedy entitled Stones in His Pocket. Tomorrow we sleep in!
Peace and Love
Norma and Woody

Day trip to the Ring of Kerry

Blog for Sat. March 29, 2014 Day Trip to the Ring of Kerry – Today we took the Paddywagon Tour bus through the Ring of Kerry. The bus left at 8:45 am. On the way we stopped in Killarney, which is an hour and twenty minutes away, to drop off some tourists who were going to go to the Dingle Peninsula on another Paddywagon bus.
We were able to walk around Killarney for an hour. Then we passed through small towns, and the driver was explaining about the Pagan festivals celebrated in these towns. We made stops throughout the Ring of Kerry to take photos at very scenic areas. We stopped for lunch in Waterville, which is where Charlie Chaplin spent his holidays every year. They erected a statue in his honor.
We passed through where Daniel O’Connell lived. Daniel O’Connell (6 August 1775 – 15 May 1847), often referred to as The Liberator or The Emancipator, was an Irish political leader in the first half of the 19th century. He campaigned for Catholic Emancipation—including the right for Catholics to sit in the Westminster Parliament, denied for over 100 years—and repeal of the Act of Union which combined Great Britain and Ireland.
The Ring of Kery consists of 179 km.
After many photo-op stops the last stop was at a waterfall in the Killarney National Forest. We arrived back in Cork at 7:00 PM.
Tomorrow and Monday we will explore more of Cork by using the hop-on hop-off bus.
Peace and Love,
Woody and Norma