Went up the Eiffel Tower and the Arc d’Triomphe today.

Update from Paris for Jan. 30, 2014 – Eiffel Tower and Arc d’Triomphe – Woody finally got his haircut today, there was a mixup in who he wanted to cut it and we wound up waiting a long time. We took a bus to the Eiffel Tower area and walked about a block from there to the waiting line. The line was not too long and we waited only about half an hour. The ride was smooth and the elevator had glass walls so we could see out as we were rising. At the top exit it was enclosed so we were protected from the cold wind. We could have walked up some steps to a higher observation tower but did not due to the weather. We had to use our map so we could identify the various landmarks. What a huge city Paris is! After taking many photos we descended to the first level to view the city again. Once on the ground we went through the souvenir shop and bought a booklet on the history of the tower. it is quite interesting. Next we went to the Arc de Triumph. You can go up through it to the top to observe the surrounding area too. We had to use the special handicap elevator to go up the first part of the spiral stairs that went up about three stories. Once on top there were stations showing exactly where the sites were located on a 360 degree map. This was very helpful as the city streets were designed in a wagon wheel pattern. The wagon wheels are everywhere so you really have to know where you are going. The same person designed the streets of Washington DC in the same manner! We noticed at the tower this huge church in the distance — it is the Sacred heart basilica of Montmarte. We thought we might go see it tomorrow but then researched where St Vincent De Paul is buried and it is not where we thought. We would really like to find it tomorrow too….

Sorry no photos posted today due to problem with the Mac Air PC. Hopefully will be OK tomorrow. We did post some videos on Facebook today.
Peace and Love,
Norma and Woody


Musee d’Orsay and St. Vincent de Paul Church

Update from Paris for Wed. 1/29/14 – Wednesday Since the temps were going to be in the high 30’s and low 40’s, we decided to go to the Musee d’Orsay and stay indoors as much as possible. Taking the metro subway to the closest exit, we had to ask which direction was the museum after going the wrong way. Ugh! It is hard to get your bearings coming out of the subway exits. The Orsay is in the old and elegant train station. We really enjoyed seeing the Van Gogh paintings, then the other impressionist artists Monet, Renoir plus others. We saw many statues and bronze sculptures by famous artists like Rodin. You are not allowed to take photos of the artwork in the museum. After spending about four hours there it was closing time and we wanted to get to the St Vincent DePaul church for the 6:30 mass. By the time we took three Metro subways and walked a few blocks, we got there a bit late but in time to catch part of the mass and say our prayers. We had dinner in a quiet French restaurant then headed home. Tomorrow Woody has a 10:00 am haircut appointment, then we plan on heading to the Eiffel tower.
Peace and Love,
Woody and Norma