The Burrell Collection

Update for 2/27/14 from Glasgow – If you are ever in Glasgow, you should see the Burrell Museum Collection. We went there today and it is in the middle of a large park in a beautiful modern building. William Burrell was a Scottish shipping magnate born in 1858 and died in 1961. He started collecting art, sculptures, tapestries, stained glass and much more since he was a teenager. When he died he bequeathed it to the City of Glasgow. He accumulated 9,100 pieces during his lifetime. They are not all on display. There was enough to keep us there for about four hours. When we were leaving It started to rain heavily so we decided to take a taxi into town instead of the train which was about a half hour walk away. The Museum of Modern Art was our next destination. This was displaying the theme of war in the last 200 years and the negative effects on the people. The videos were quite thought provoking. There is a library there also which is nice to relax in. When heading for the train home we came upon a bagpipe player. Woody made a video and captured the wet and cold street scene. Tomorrow we move to Liverpool England – home of The Beatles!
Peace and Love,
Norma and Woody