Inis Mor, Aran Isands, Ireland

Blog for 4/9/14-Wednesday
Got up early again to catch the tour bus for the Aran island of inis mor. A forty five minute ride took us to where the ferry boat departs then a forty five minute boat ride to the island. The driver was a native islander and had many stories and information for us. He played the Irish music when he wasn’t talking. There are only 800 people living on the island and they mainly speak Gaelic or Irish. We went all around the island and stopped many places to get out and explore. one place was an ancient fort that was up a very rocky hill. We said we are now experienced rock climbers after that one. At the top when we were in the fort, we could get near the cliff edge but the wind was so strong we did not stay long. There were tiny villages with a few cafés and shops selling the woolen hand knit sweaters and other items. There were a few isolated beaches we explored where the water does not get much over 50 degrees in the heat of summer. The weather was windy, cold and overcast but no rain. The boat ride was rather rough going and coming. We were glad to make it back to the mainland! Once in Galway we went to the town center and looked for some live music pub which we found and had a drink in. Then we headed home for much needed rest. We like Galway a lot!
Peace and Love,
Norma and Woody


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