Last post from our 160 day trip!!

Last Blog from our trip 04/10/14!!!  Got some rest this morning and did not get up until 11 am.  No touring today as it is our last day here and we wanted no pressure.  We went to the library after breakfast/lunch to get some computer research done with better wifi than the hotel has.  Then went to buy some last minute souvenirs then back to the hotel to do some more computer work. Looking forward to getting back to our Hollybrook home and warm weather plus our family and friends we miss so much too. Tomorrow we will travel to Dublin so no more posts as we are just spending the night near the airport and leaving Saturday morning at 10:45 am. to NY’s JFK airport.  Next we take JetBlue to Ft. Lauderdale arriving at 9:15 pm if all goes well.  Love and Peace, Norma and Woody 


One thought on “Last post from our 160 day trip!!

  1. Wishing you safe travels! Have enjoyed reading your descriptive blogs and seeing the photos photos and videos of your wonderful journey. We are having a delightful spring so you will get to enjoy it as well before the hot whether arrives. Get out your shorts and discard the coats!
    Maybe we can all meet again in Lake Placid for the Caladium Festival.
    Love, Maggie.

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